£ód¼ Open Festival 2022 - £ód¼ 25.09.2022

FTS Competition Rules 

1. Competition name

£ód¼ Open Festival 2022

2. Organizers

Uczniowski Klub Sportowy Tiger Team [604 459 473, krzysztofcisek2046@gmail.com]

3. Patronage

Urz±d Marsza³kowski Województwa £ódzkiego.

4. Dates


5. Place

Zatoka Sportu (Al. Politechniki 10, 93-590 £ód¼)

6. Floor dimensions


7. Competition manager

Elæbieta Mrówczyńska tel : +48 728552260, emrowczynska@icloud.com

8. Entries deadline

2022-09-22 23:59

9. Requirements for taking part in the competition

Only people, who comply to following rules can take part in the competition:

- register through FTS DB system within the deadline 2022-09-22 23:59

- pay the required fee according to Organizer's rules and within the due date 22.09.2022 23:00PM

- declare that they will abide by the guidelines for the organization of FTS sports competitions during the COVID19 epidemic

- have a WDSF National Member Body license for a given year and are active in WDSF DB in case of WDSF competitions are members of a club that is associated to WDSF NMB

- will present a printed start number when entering the venue, which is available in the link sent from the FTS DB to the competitor's e-mail address along with a document confirming identity

- will fill out an appropriate health questionnaire

- will secure their heels with rubber heel protectors

10. Fees, admission price, entry fee, recording fee, other fees



OTHER CATEGORIES - 20euro per couple per program.

11. Starting fees

Online payments are not available for this event

13. Filming and registration

Competitors taking part in the competition agree to be recorded in photo, video, television and internet recording and its use, publication and broadcast in any media by the Competition Organizers "in accordance with the press and media law ".

14. Other matters not included in the regulations

All disputes not included in these regulations are resolved by the Competition Manager in consultation with the Chairperson.

15. Personal data protection

The information clause on the processing of personal data can be found on the FTS website at the link https://fts-taniec.pl/s/94/ochrona-danych-osobowych.html

16. Sanitary regime

The event is organized in a sanitary regime in accordance with the current government guidelines for organizing sports competitions during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Link: https://www.gov.pl/web/koronawirus/aktualne-zasady-i-ograniczenia

17. Complaint procedure - purchase of tickets

- Complaints about purchased competition tickets can be sent by e-mail to the following address:krzysztofcisek2046@gmail.com

- Complaints may be submitted no later than 7 (seven) days from the date on which the cause of the complaint occurred, but no later than 14 (fourteen) days from the end of the Event

- Each complaint should contain a short description of the reason for submitting the complaint, the date of its occurrence and the name of the person submitting the complaint (including his name, surname, postal address, e-mail address).

- Uczniowski Klub Sportowy Tiger Team £ód¼, ul. Tatrzańska 42/44, 93-219 £ód¼ will make every effort to ensure that complaints are considered within 14 (fourteen) working days from their receipt by the Organizer. About the result of considering the complaint. The organizer will notify the person submitting the complaint by e-mail or inwriting to the address provided in the application.

- Complaints that do not contain the data listed in paragraph 3 above or were submitted after the deadline referred to in sec. 2 of this paragraph

 18. Additional provisions

- The organizer does not insure people participating in the tournament and is not responsible for items left in the changing room.

- In the event of a couple's resignation, the coach or the couple are obliged to notify the organizer of this fact no later than one day before the competition.